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Cooking with Tallyrand

RECIPE MAIN - corned beef hash


corn beef hash is a great stand by meal, when something quick and tasty is required

preparation time is less than 10 minutes if you use instant mashed potatoes, then you can be getting on sorting out the kids, doing the washing etc while its baking 

there are so many variations one can make depending on your own tastes


corned beef  1 tin
butter 50 gm
onion 1 pc
mashed potatoes (hot) 1 - 1.5 kg
grated cheese  1 cup
  1. finely chop the onion and cook gently over a low heat in the butter
  2. pour butter and onions into the mash potatoes and combine well with a fork or wooden spoon
  3. open tin of corned beef (carefully) place into a separate bowl and break up with a fork, add to the mashed potatoes and combine
  4. loosen up with a little milk if required
  5. taste and season as required 
  6. spoon into a casserole dish or similar large oven proof dish or into individual dishes
  7. sprinkle with the grated cheese
  8. place into the oven and bake for approx 30 minutes
  9. remove and serve piping hot with vegetables of choice 

chef notes

  • mashed potatoes can be from fresh or instant if your in a hurry
  • so many additional ingredients can be added to suit your preference, eg
    • garlic
    • cooked peas or sweetcorn
    • can of baked beans
    • pesto to the mashed potatoes 
    • grated cheddar or other cheese
    • etc