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RECIPE DESSERT - ambrosia salad (very easy)


this dessert is a favourite of my adopted home; New Zealand. Often called ambrosia pudding or ambrosia salad, summertime is a perfect time for it

here in the UK, there seems to be a sudden love of eton mess, ambrosia is very similar but with a bit more decadence. It is a great stand by dessert when something is needed in a hurry, or if your baking skills are limited. There are any ways of making it, listed here is the basic recipe, with alternative ingredients that may be added, amounts of each are up to your own individual taste, likes and dislikes

whatever the reason for making it, it will be a hit at your next summer bbq or picnic (apart from those watching thier weight ;-)

whipping cream 200 ml
plain greek style yogurt 500 ml
strawberries   sq
marshmallows   sq
crunchie bar 1 pc


  1. whip the cream until just past the liquid stage and it doesnt fall out of the bowl when tipped
  2. fold in the yoghurt
  3. remove the strawberry stalks and cut into quarters
  4. cut the mashmallows with scissors if required
  5. fold both into the cream mixture 
  6. chill for at least an hour or overnight
  7. just before serving, smash the crunchie bar with a rolling pin until pulverised
  8. cut open packet, spinkle over the ambrosia and stir through
  9. serve with grated chocolate, spinkled heavily over the top


chef notes 

to this basic recipe, the following may also be added to suit one's own taste 

  • other fresh berries of choice
  • frozen berries 
  • tinned peaches, black doris plums or cherries 
  • broken or crumbled meringue
  • broken or crumbled biscuits (preferably chocolate)
  • chocolate chips 
  • vanilla essence 
  • liqueur of choice eg drambuie, grand marnier, baileys or my two personal favourites; chambord or lakka 
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