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RECIPE DESSERT - ooey gooey butter cake


This recipe won me a wager with a well known tv chef & food writer, who bet me I didn't have the recipe for it

If ever there was a weird cake recipe, this has to be it. Everything about this recipe says it shouldn't work, from the ingredients to the method, but not only does it work, it work VERY well

Very easy to make, and produces a most delicious, moist, moorish cake and another recipe that is great to get the kids involved with 



  360gm 225gm  
mix one      
eggs 3 2 pc
plain (yellow) cake mix 1 1 pkt
melted butter 200 150 ml
mix two      
eggs 4 3 pc
icing sugar 150 110 gm
cream cheese 250 200 gm


  1. pre-heat oven to 200C
  2. combine the first lot of eggs with the cake mix and melted butter in a bowl with a whisk
  3. pour into a prepared cake tin
  4. combine the second lot of eggs with the icing (powdered) sugar and cream cheese and spead on top of the first mix
  5. place in the middle of the oven and cook until a light golden brown (approx. 45 -55 minutes)
  6. remove from oven, allow to cool slightly and turn cake out onto a cooling rack
  7. ice with your favourite topping or leave plain
chef notes
this ‘unusual’ cake not only slightly unusual ingredients (a convenience cake mix as its base), but also a slightly unusual technique (placing one layer on top if the other and not combining them)
the convenient cake mixes more often than not come in two standard sizes: 360gm pr 225gm.
  • if your packet mix is 360gm use ingredient amounts in the left hand column
  • if your packet mix is 225gm use ingredient amounts in the right hand column
the basic premise of the recipe is to use two bowls and make two mixes
stage #1 = mix #1
stage #2 = mix #2
and then layering one mixture on top of the other in the cake tin and not mixing them. As the cake cooks one layer will intermingle with the other
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