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RECIPE BBQ - hanger steak


Hanger steak, is a modern term for what I have always known as a cut of beef called 'plate' or "skirt". It is also known as bistro steak, or butcher's steak, derived from the fact that butcher's knowing it was medium tender and packed full of flavour would keep it aside for themselves rather than offer it for sale. 

Traditionally it was used for stews and braising, but if it is cooked quickly it can be bbq'd. It will stay medium tender, as long as it is not over cooked and served no more than medium rare, after that it starts to dry out and will toughen. So if your looking for a tasty bbq joint, that is cheaper than other cuts then this is for you as long as you like your meat pink. If its too chilly or wet to fire up the bbq, cook it using a very hot griddle pan

It is best marinated overnight prior to cooking, For this recipe I am using a cup of beer, which of course means the poor chef will have to 'taste' the remainder ;-)

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hanger steak piece - approx 1kg 1 pc
beer                      - lager 1 cup
worcester sauce 2 tbs
mustard                 - english 1 tbs
sugar                     - brown 1 tbs
golden syrup 1 tbs
garlic cloves 4 pc
chilli flakes  1 tsp
cracked pepper 1 tsp
sauce                    - bbq 1 cup
sauce                    - chimmichurri 1 cup


  1. combine all the marinating ingredients in a deep sided tray
  2. place in the steak piece
  3. cover and allow to marinade for 2 hours at room temperature (turning it over every 15 minutes)
  4. place in the fridge overnight
  5. remove from the fridge, drain away the liquid and allow to sit (fully covered) for 2 hours prior to cooking at room temperature
  6. ensuring the bbq is as hot as it can be, place the meat onto the grills and allow to cook for 6 minutes and turn it over
  7. spoon over half the sauce (bbq or chimmichurri) and cook for a further 6 minutes
  8. remove from heat, place onto a tray, cover with tinfoil and allow to rest for 10 minutes prior to serving
  9. when you carve, look for the grain and always slice it across the grain
  10. carve into thin slices and place onto a serving tray, coat with any remaining sauce
  11. serve

chef notes

after turning the meat, I prefer to place an old saucepan over it, to form a little cooker which will ensure it is nicely cooked


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