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RECIPE CRABAPPLE - chutney with plums


While the recipe title states plums, I am assured by Chef Mark that this recipe can work equally as well with other soft, stone fruits


crabapples 500 gm
plums 500 gm
onion - small 1 pc
garlic clove 1 pc
ginger piece 2 cm
sugar 300 gm
cinnamon stick 1 pc
bay leaf 1 pc
thai sweet chilli sauce (optional) 3 tbs
  1. peel (optional) and core the crab apples (to core, cut into quarters and cut out the core from each piece)
  2. cut the plums into half, remove the stones and cut each half into half again
  3. finely slice the peeled onion and garlic clove
  4. grate the piece of ginger or chop finely 
  5. place all the ingredients into a large thick bottom saucepan and place onto a low to medium heat
  6. cook gently for approx. 30 minutes until a thick, cooked chutney consistency is achieved
  7. allow to cool and refrigerate

chef notes

this chutney will keep for a month if it is kept refrigerated 

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