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Tired of crabapple jelly? want something a bit more grown up? 

Try this recipe for a flavoured vodka. The down side however to this recipe is that it takes at least a couple of months to come to maturity. But will warm the cockles of your heart during those cold winter months ;-)

crabapples  15 pc
vodka 1 lt
honey 1 tbs
  1. wash the crabapples really well and dry thoroughly
  2. cut in half and place into a large sterilised preserving jar
  3. warm the honey over a low heat, remove from the heat and add the vodka (warming the honey will infuse it into the vodka) 
  4. pour over the crabapples and allow to cool thoroughly
  5. place on a tight fitting lid, place in a cool, dark place to infuse for 8 weeks (gently shake twice a week, during this time) 
  6. after 8 weeks, taste and allow to infuse for a further week or two if required
  7. carefully strain to remove any fruit pieces
  8. pour into clean bottle(s) 
  9. it can be drunk now but is better left to age for a further two months

chef notes

for an extra kick to this infused vodka

  • split a chilli in half, scraped clean of the seeds and then plunge the chilli halves into boiling water for 15 seconds, then remove and place into iced water to cool down
  • when cold, remove and pat dry with paper towel, ensuring it is very dry
  • add to the the jar to infuse a chilli kick

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