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RECIPE CAKE - funky birthday


It was my grand daughter's birthday and whilst shopping I happened upon the aisle that had all the pre-made birthday cakes. Princess', cars, ponies, superheroes ..... you name it they had it. All looked expertly done, professionally decorated and given the great finish on them, (all be it mass produced) and dirt cheap compared to what cakes used to cost I am sure a kid's dream, cakes that kids would love and sure to bring a smile to thier face when it came out with candles lit and "happy birthday to you" being sung loudly and proudly

BUT, what would they taste like? I asked around and was told, they looked far better than they tasted; "dryish sponge", "too much plastic icing", "nothing spectacular" were the most common comments.
So I set myself a task, a challenge. Could I make a yummy birthday cake, that
  • kids would love both in look and taste
  • was cheaper than the store bought ones
  • was produced from local supermarket products
  • AND could be made by even the most culinary challenged?

I think I succeeded on all fronts? It was by the way certainly cheaper, coming in at £8.87. All products being bought from the local supermarket, I wont name names, but the staff were very co-operative ;-) and  I timed myself and from start to finish the cake took me just 10 minutes! 


I hope you will give it a go and enjoy!

raspberry cream sponge cakes 2 pc
kit-kat family pack 2 pkts
m & m 2 pkts
butter or margerine 50 gm
icing sugar  50  gm
  1. soften the butter and sieve in the icing sugar, beat with a wooden spoon to combine and form a smooth butter icing
  2. remove cakes from boxes and stack on top of each other 
  3. spread the sides lightly with the butter cream. This is just to stick the kit-kats to, so it doesnt need to be thick
  4. using double fingers, arrange the kit kat biscuits around the sides. If using the four fingered type, carefully break in half and shave off any excess bits with a sharp small knife, or use scissors, this will allow them to connect evenly
  5. wrap a ribbon around the kit kats. This is not only decorative but also prevents them falling away when the M & Ms are added
  6. sprinkle the M & Ms on top 
  7. finish witrh a candle and bow 
chef notes

needless to say, the varients on this cake are numerous, and you can use other items that are on special, or ones that suit your own taste, such as

  • in place of kit kats - mini chocolate rolls cut in half lengthwise
  • in place of kit kats - penguin biscuits
  • in place of kit kats - chocolate fingers
  • in place of M & Ms - skittles
  • in place of M & Ms - smarties
  • in place of M & Ms - a combination of fruit pastilles, fruit gums, gummy bears etc 
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