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RECIPE BLACKBERRY - AA recipe article


a bit late in the year to be writing an article on blackberries. But these berries that burst with zing, flavour and juiciness are still in abundance, so its a great chance to get out there, risk a few scratches, collect the last of them and make the most of thier deliscious sweetness and tartiness

they are also a valuable source of antioxidants, vitamins (A, C. E and K)

maybe a warm dessert on a chilly autumn night, in a sauce to compliment autumn's game meats, or preserve them for later use 

of course if you like these recipes, can't collect your own, you can always buy frozen fairly cheaply and use them 

recipe - blackberry butter
recipe - blackberry cheese
recipe - blackberry autumnal pudding
recipe - blackberry brulee
recipe - blackberry cobbler
recipe - blackberry cordial syrup
recipe - blackberry crumble


kia ora & bon appetite! 


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