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RECIPE BLACKBERRY - cordial syrup


fruit cordial is a great way of making use of any glut of berries. Keep it chilled in bottles for a couple of months 

it can be used in so many ways

Backberry Cheese

blackberries 1 kg
sugar 200 gm
orange  4-6 pc
  1. lightly rinse the fruit and drain
  2. place the fruit, sugar and juice and grated zest of the oranges into a large saucepan or preserving pan, place over a low heat, simmer gently and stir frequently until liquid has reduced slightly and the fruit is nicely pulped (approx 15 minutes)
  3. pass the pulp through a fine sieve, to remove pips etc
  4. pour into bottles and cool
  5. once cool, refrigerate and consume within the month
chef notes

to use

  • quarter fill a glass with cordial, add ice and top with chilled water, soda water, tonic or similar
  • quarter fill a tea cup, add a teabag and top with hot water for a refreshing fruit tea
  • pour over ice cream for a delicious topping
  • pour into a ice cube trays and freeze for great flavoured cubes 
  • add to custard and place into ice cream machine 
  • pour into ice cream machine neat, to make a sorbet
  • use a 50/50 mix of cordial and chicken or beef stock and simmer until only 50% remains for a sauce to go with venison, duck or other game meats

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