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RECIPE BLACKBERRY - autumnal pudding


autumnal pudding? Yes, the same as summer pudding but made with autum's blackberries ;-)

one of my all time favourite puddings this one. Easy, simple and its simplicity lets the juicy berries speak for themselves. Pure, unadulterated blackberry flavour. What could be a nicer way than to celebrate this bramble maestros

traditionally made with stale bread, usually made with whatever bread is in the cupboar, I like to make it wee bit more special and use either a fruit bread or preferably slices of rich, buttery brioche. Andif its for adults, I always add some Chambord; a French black raspberry liqueur for a bit of decadence

how much bread you need will be dependant on the size of the mould you use and of course the bread, so all amounts will be approx. only. I normally use a normal size (steam) pudding bowl or for individual puddings ramekin dishes. Individual ones are nice for a dinner party, but I still prefer and enjoy the look of a large pudding, brought to the table and cut and served in front of my guests

Forget about the title, this dish is great any time of the year and can just as easily be made with frozen berries, in which case use a good mixture of various berries

slices of bread 12 pc
blackberries  750 gm
sugar               - castor 1/2  cup
cinnamon stick - optional 1/2  pc 
star anise         - optional 1 pc
  1. line the mould (s) with cling film
  2. place the berries, sugar (and spices if using) in pot and over a low to medium heat, simmer until all sugar has dissolved and fruit has broken down slightly 
  3. taste and adjust sweetness if required with some additional sugar or honey
  4. remove from heat and allow to cool slightly
  5. remove the crusts from bread slices and cut strips to the size of moulds and line the sides
  6. cut the remaining bread slices into as large as rounds as possible from bread and line the bottom of the mould with one round 
  7. spoon in some of the berry mix and cover with another round of bread
  8. repeat the layering until mould is full
  9. pour over half of any remaining liquid from the berries
  10. wrap mould in cling film, cover with a small plate that will fit inside the pudding mould and place a weight ontop (can of baked beans etc) and chill for a minimum of 4 hours (overnight is preferable)
  11. to serve remove the weight, plate and cling film and invert onto a serving plate
  12. napée / coat with the remaining berry coulis (juice), ensuring any bread that still looks white is soaked (using a pastry brush if need be) 

chef notes

serve serve with yoghurt or cream of choice: whipped, liquid, clotted, crème fraiche, mascarpone etc

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