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Fruit cheese is an old phrase for a concentrated. naturally setting fruit jelly, it uses uses less sugar than jam and has setting agent. It is a sweet, set mix made from fruit, which has been cooked to a thick paste, then lightly sweetened. Unlike jams with the extra sugar, it is not designed for long term preserving but instead eaten within weeks of production

it is similar to fruit butter, but cooked for longer to evaporate more liquid and concentrate the flavour, and will set when chilled and can be sliced 

Backberry Cheese


Blackberries 1 kg
Sugar 750 gm
Water or orange juice 250 ml
  1. lightly rinse the fruit and drain
  2. place all the fruit and juice into a large saucepan or preserving pan, place over a low heat, simmer gently and stir frequently until liquid has reduced slightly and the fruit is nicely pulped
  3. pass the pulp through a fine sieve
  4. place the pulp back into the pan, add the sugar and stir thoroughly to dissolve
  5. bring gently to the boil (stirring constantly with a wooden spatula), until the mixture is very thick and resembles a very thick paste. If you draw a line on the base of the pan with the wooden spatula, the mix should part and not meet up again, then it's ready (approx 30 minutes)
  6. spoon into lightly oiled moulds, like a loaf tin and allow to cool 
  7. once cool, refrigerate and consume within the month
Chef notes

Fruit butters and cheeses can be made from most fruits, the same fruits used for jams and jellies

in place of the juice, water can be used or any other liquids that compliment the fruits, e.g. port for plums, cider for apples etc  

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