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RECIPE KIDS - breakfast muffins


this recipe is from Sue1501, 7 good sized eggs will make 12 of these 'muffins'

very easy to make, so perfect for the kids to make and a great way to get them to eat vegetables. 


eggs 7 pc
milk 100 ml
flour 100 gm
sliced mushrooms 1/4  cup
sweetcorn kernals 1/4  cup
diced capsicum 1/4 cup
bacon slices 2 pc
tomato 1 pc
  1. pre-heat oven to 190C
  2. place the flour into a bowl, add the milk and beat until smooth
  3. add in one egg and beat until smooth
  4. repeat with the remaining eggs
  5. season with salt and pepper
  6. pour evenly into lightly buttered, non stick muffin tray
  7. add a selection of "toppings" of choice (above is a guideline only) 
  8. place into oven and bake for approx 30 minutes until set
  9. remove and allow to cool slightly before removing from moulds 
Indy Ruth
Indy Ruth
31 Jul 2012 18:59

This sounds terrific and easy!  Can't wait to try it with my 2-year old grandson!  Thanks for posting!

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