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All ASDA own brand milk is from UK farms. It make you wonder who makes up these lies, and why they do it.

yesterday at 23:10

Irrelevant to the thread, but thanks for the reminder.

What issue are you having Lynne? Is it the copying element or the pasting?

FAO Webmaster/Ziggy
6 days ago

My apologies, I’ve now realised why it appeared Ziggy had done it previously. As you were.

6 days ago

Thanks Webmaster. It’s usually one of you two that does it.

1 week ago

Isn’t it about time for you to create a “Parking Tickets” thread part two?? You normally do well before now. Thanks.

So, it’s not just our side of the water that has dinosaur-related play park news: A dinosaur-themed park , complete with swings, slides, roundabouts and a pterodactyl nest to climb in and around is set to come to Exmouth seafront. East Devon District Council has announced they are moving ahead with delivering new attractions and entertainment on Exmouth’s sea front, while longer term ...

1 week ago

Thanks for that meaningful contribution “Jools”. That said, if you have to use Google Translate for such a simple phrase, then I doubt you’d know much about French culture/cuisine.

1½ weeks ago

Have you got some examples of what you call “foreign rubbish”? I’m sure I can show you 10 examples of great foreign food for every 1 of yours. No wonder the French look at your type and unfairly tar us all as “Les Rosbif!”. Of course there is loads of great British food and cuisine, particularly here in the West Country, but to call all food from elsewhere “rubbish” is ridiculous!

Parking tickets
1½ weeks ago

With reference to the last sentence that you pasted. The whole point is that at the point in time that the paragraph you pasted was originally written, they weren’t used there, but they *could* have been used then and *could* still be used now. They have the legal right to use approved devices should they wish. I’ll repeat that for you - they have the legal right to use them. You’ve said all ...