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The objection to this proposal that’s on there at the moment is hilarious! Thanks for sharing Lynne.

Dawlish population
3 days ago

It was interesting to read in this weeks Gazette that nearly 1500 Dawlish residents are aged 75 or over. That’s more than 10% of the towns population.

@Margaret Swift , erm, “dear”. You missed the point about not being personal towards other www.dawlish.com forum members. Hopefully you will be reminded by the Webmaster of the terms and conditions of his website.

Over the whole of Teignbridge, only 5% of the land is built on, lower than the UK figure of 5.9%.   Food for thought for those that think that we’re living in a concrete jungle, or that our country is full. This is from the BBC land use map published today.

Has Purrrrfect followed in that persons footsteps though? Granted, there are plenty of notices in OUR town, just like there are in other towns. It’s just a pity that certain people ignore them due to their selfishness/ignorance/stupidity.

1½ weeks ago

Quite right Flo! I wish they’d move to Teignmouth full-time!

1½ weeks ago

“In all my 60 years...”. OAP having a moan - there’s a shock!

Did you post the above on Eyes of Dawlish?

Another cock-up by DCC
1½ weeks ago

Majorp, you’re on Facebook. So just do a search for Eyes of Dawlish when you’re on FB. The three main differences are that the audience on Eyes of Dawlish is far larger, not everyone using it is over 55, and just about everyone uses their real name.

Parking changes
2 weeks ago

That link doesn’t mention parking meters!  I’m guessing that this is the implementation of double yellows on specific stretches of the above-mentioned roads?