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Latest Discussion

Just had a reply back from Torbay Borough Council and they are deeper in pooh than DCC. The cost to the council and ultimately to the tax payer will be in excess of £200,000. And people vote in those that are supposed to be looking after our affairs. Yeah- alright then. So are councillors fit for ...
Have been told that the powers that be are aware that more dog poo bins are needed and that getting more of them installed at the park is underway.

Latest News

As a result of a weather warning that has been issued for the sea wall at Dawlish tonight, CrossCountry's 'Voyager' trains are unable to run between Newton Abbot and Exeter St Davids between 7.15pm and 11pm. Trains through Dawlish cancelled due to Storm Brian See more... ...
A patient who used butane gas to try to blow up a former NHS clinic is to be detained indefinitely in a psychiatric hospital. He was ordered to remain under the care of doctors at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish after a judge at Exeter Crown Court ruled he posed a potential danger to the public. ...
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