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33 minutes ago
Margaret Swift
Margaret Swift
What I think is that Dawlish Town Council and DCC have completely lost the plot when it comes to the cycle route! Apparently, there is a presentation at the full council meeting next Wednesday, October 4th, on the plans to take the route through the lawn area past the TIC, blinking bonkers!! Go ...
TEIGN HERITAGE CENTRE has a vacancy for a part time CENTRE ADMINISTRATOR We are looking for someone with a passion for local heritage and culture and excellent interpersonal skills to join our team to support the efficient running of the Teign Heritage Centre - home to Teignmouth and Shaldon ...

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It is not a promise. We would like this to happen but is not possible at the moment.  Oh yeh?
Even though only 680 residents responded, given what is being claimed from that figure (that 77% of Dawlish residents are in support of there being a playpark on the lawn) I think it is important that we have a breakdown of how those 680 residents answered the questions. For example, if I had ...
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