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Leave means Leave are holding a meeting on the 13th October at the Torquay Riviera International Centre at 1400hrs to approx 1600hrs. Speakers will be Jacob Rees Mogg MP,  Nigel Farage MEP  and Tim Martin CEO of weatherspoons. Tickets are £5.99 and can be puchased with more information on ...
With the highlighting, quite rightly so , for some females in what is called period poverty. which is a total scandal and should be sorted out. To some extent men are also being taken for mugs by manufacturers of razor blades. So much so in some supermarkets they are diplayed with a ...

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On Tuesday morning, police searched a private property on Pidgley Road, Dawlish under a warrant issued by Exeter Crown Court, where two men and a women were arrested following the operation. “Three people have been arrested following today’s operation; A 39-year-old man was been arrested this ...
I think it is something to do with local councils and their preparation (or not) for a hard Brexit and what a hard Brexit might bring. Which, amongst other shortages, could be food. But to bring this thread more directly back on track, here is a link concerning local councils and Brexit (although ...
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