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The motion was passed with no absentions and no votes against. For some reason it kept being referred to as a non-political issue (please don't ask me, I am as flummoxed about that terminology as I suspect some of you might be.) It was agreed that  a letter be sent to the all party group of ...
yesterday at 11:13
Hi there. You can get a new Epson printer for next to nothing and a ream of A4 (cut it in half for A5) for a few quid, then you can do your own DTP, whatever amount whenever you want.

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Owing to the restricted space on the sea wall and the sheer drop, cyclists are a danger to themselves and law-abiding people who walk/jog along the route. Well done to the police for acting on the growing concerns about a selfish minority of cyclists. To be fair, most cyclists realise that councils ...
A memory street has been created inside a Dawlish care home complete with a pub, bank, shops, bus stop and well-known local landmarks. It is part of developing dementia care programme at the home, and is believed to be the only one of its kind in the South West. Read more... ...
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