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A questionable butterfly


Diana Mondeo

Absolutely Lynne.

2 days ago

Just read the two letters. One from the publicity-loving wife of a trickster, and the other so all over the place that anyone would think the writer was a Liberal Democrat. They don’t really help their cause...

It was certainly imaginative.

I totally agree with 1263. I only half agree with majorp.

5 days ago

Yeah, erm, thanks for that.

5 days ago

Just seen this weeks Gazette. Kudos to them for suspending her weekly propaganda column in their newspaper, due to her persistent reluctance to respond to any questions they raise about matters that are relevant to her constituents and the papers readers.  She is truly a waste of space, time and our money.

Calm down Lynne. We all know the numbers and we all know the outcome. How many of the Dawlish public voting in favour of it would be enough for you to accept the outcome? A la Brexit  A la Scottish independence. Irony alert.

6 days ago

Yet the Dawlish public voted in favour of the pavilion on the Lawn, just like it has with the playpark. I also don’t know how much the project cost prior to the central funding being allocated to elsewhere. At least you don’t call it the Termite!

1 week ago

Network Rail, who own the sea wall, are very reluctant to put seating along it. Sadly. And not through the lack of trying by past and present town councillors.

@“burneside” The Dawlish public also has form for wanting to change the Lawn.

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