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Artist died after being hit by train at Dawlish Station 162 2 Aug 2020
Stolen dog found after picture emerged of it being roughly treated in Paignton 105 2 Aug 2020
Planning app submitted re new sea wall and other works concerning Dawlish rail station 209 5 Aug 2020
Planning app submitted re Dawlish Railway Station 184 5 Aug 2020
Dawlish railway plans set for approval despite harm to historic station 197 5 Aug 2020
Closed minor injury units in Devon will reopen, but it is not known when 43 1 Aug 2020
First section of £80m Dawlish sea wall is open 92 1 Jul 2020
The nine worst places to live in Devon - according to people who live there 225 1 Jul 2020
Anger as 'huge' illegal rave continues through the night at Dawlish Warren 190 3 Jul 2020
Network Rail 'sorry' for not reopening Dawlish sea wall in time for start of summer holidays 241 13 Jul 2020
Golden age of steam returns to Devon mainline this weekend 68 1 Jul 2020
Emergency service incident at Dawlish Warren delays trains 235 5 Jul 2020
Devon and Cornwall rail revamp would cost just one per cent of HS2 43 1 Jul 2020
Son attacked his dad during argument in kebab shop 114 1 Jul 2020
Dawlish Warren sea defence scheme 'may have made things worse' 77 1 Jul 2020
Stabbing, fights and wild parties in night of 'mayhem' in Devon and Cornwall 270 3 Jul 2020
Grim Reaper prankster has his sign confiscated as Devon welcomes back tourists 292 6 Jul 2020
Police dog tracks suspects and victim from pool of blood to flats 155 2 Jun 2020
Dawlish patient admits arson which trapped terrified family in home 62 1 Jun 2020
black lives matter 959 58 Jun 2020
Beware the pushy salesmen looking to get rich quick if you cash in on your home: 83 1 Jun 2020
Human remains found near Dawlish during railway work 135 1 Jun 2020
Dawlish sea wall and Clifton Hill sports centre demolition among latest planning applications 48 1 Jun 2020
Extraordinary lifelong best-friends from Exeter forced to cancel joint birthday celebration for first time in 80-years 36 1 Jun 2020
The cheapest - and most expensive - seaside towns in Devon 132 2 Jun 2020
Footbridge to close for over a month as work to protect 'iconic' rail line goes on 78 1 Jun 2020
This is how many ambulance staff have endured abuse during lockdown 69 2 Jun 2020
Brixham man 'known to frequent car parks and beauty spots' missing 53 1 Jun 2020
Prompt Action Fund helps Dawlish community transport group ferry passengers 52 1 Jun 2020
England police watchdog investigates death of man in custody 105 6 Jun 2020
Human poo left on beaches as council describe 'worst mess ever seen' 158 4 Jun 2020
Man jailed for spitting at police and ambulance crew in Dawlish 92 1 May 2020
Man dies after being hit by train at Starcross 101 1 May 2020
Death of black swan cygnet in Dawlish met with sadness 89 1 May 2020
Network Rail unveils second phase of £80m Dawlish sea wall railway plan 79 1 May 2020
Heroin addict pulled knife on two men outside Dawlish home 152 1 May 2020
Coronavirus: Testing delays ‘terrifying’ during easing of lockdown 289 10 May 2020
Man found dead on railway line at Starcross 93 1 May 2020
Coronavirus: Elderly suffering effects of isolation as 89% say their social contact has reduced significantly 46 1 May 2020
From Spanish Flu to cholera: Devon's dark history of disease and the lessons we can learn from it 52 1 May 2020

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