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Live news, traffic and travel updates from Devon on November 22 154 5 Nov 2017
No decision yet made on shock plans to axe free Sunday parking, raise winter charges, and close car park at Dawlish Warren 105 4 Nov 2017
Owner fears missing collie Taz may now have been stolen 65 1 Nov 2017
The South West is left struggling with worst roads, rail and digital not-spots in the UK 112 4 Nov 2017
How two former toilet blocks have become new seaside businesses 123 1 Nov 2017
Why 'happy and free' Devon surfer Oscar is the face of Children in Need's local fundraising today 28 1 Nov 2017
Group of men and women accused of defrauding Dawlish pensioner and splashing the cash on Amazon 89 1 Nov 2017
Man denies threatening staff with air pistol 84 1 Nov 2017
Devon and Cornwall Police 94 1 Nov 2017
Brand new Great Western Railway train spotted passing through Devon 107 3 Nov 2017
Delight as Teignbridge beaches all have excellent water quality 44 2 Nov 2017
Dawlish boy, 2, 'scarred for life' by shocking head injury blamed on selfish pavement parking 184 4 Nov 2017
Watch the video of the three new baby black swan cygnets in Dawlish 33 1 Nov 2017
Woman accused of smashing church windows 'unfit to attend' trial 89 1 Nov 2017
‘Corrosive substance’ thrown over car in Dawlish 242 4 Nov 2017
Men face jail for underage sex and drugs orgy 96 1 Nov 2017
70-year-old woman terrified after fire 104 1 Nov 2017
Desperate drug addict ransacked her friend's hotel room to feed habit 115 1 Nov 2017
Consultation is launched to merge two special schools 59 1 Nov 2017
Jeremy Corbyn is on his way to Devon today: Five questions we want to ask 359 26 Nov 2017
Father found out men had had sex with his daughter, 14, after playground rumours, court told 122 1 Nov 2017
Patient denies gun threats at Exeter hostel 45 1 Oct 2017
Body found on beach: Man’s last words were phone call about size of Storm Brian waves 127 1 Oct 2017
Dawlish farm with 'long and complicated' planning history will see barn converted to home 219 6 Oct 2017
Iconic Dawlish Warren railway carriages holiday park hopes to open all year round 97 1 Oct 2017
Trains through Dawlish cancelled due to Storm Brian 99 1 Oct 2017
Patient detained indefinitely after he tried to burn down a mental health clinic with people inside 88 1 Oct 2017
Flood alert issued for South Devon and East Devon coastline 55 1 Oct 2017
Wildlife refuges planned for the Exe Estuary 92 2 Oct 2017
Three jailed for 37 years after ammonia attack 121 2 Oct 2017
Historic Dawlish beach kiosk demolished 526 15 Oct 2017
Masked robbers guilty of chemical attack that almost blinded shopkeeper 58 1 Oct 2017
Man denies having kitchen knife in public without good reason 101 2 Oct 2017
Driver on trial for chemical attack decides not to give evidence 63 1 Oct 2017
Man jailed for Jacuzzi child abuse 107 1 Oct 2017
Dawlish Costcutter manager blinded with ammonia by masked robbers, trial told 55 1 Oct 2017
Man injected himself with heroin while waiting for ambulance, inquest hears 154 1 Sep 2017
Corbyn just pledged to electrify Devon rail line and build inland Dawlish route 139 3 Sep 2017
Is the Lawn the right place in Dawlish for a new play park? 308 18 Sep 2017
Appeal submitted after Dawlish homes plan ‘that could cause cliff falls’ refused 74 1 Sep 2017

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