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17 Feb 2022 15:00

Just some background and general info:


Back in 2014 when the present Teignbridge Local Plan was approved, one of the areas designated for future housing development in Dawlish comprised the above three parcels of land. (Known as DA2 in TDC plannerspeak).

Originally the area was to have been built out with Gatehouse Farm being the first, followed by Secmaton Farm followed by the Langdon (NHS) site.

However, due to an outcry concerning the dangers and pollution of building vehicles plus a subsequent increase in residential vehicles having to use the Elm Grove area, in circa 2017 it was decided and agreed that the land would be built out the other way around ie Langdon first, followed by Secmaton Farm followed by Gatehouse Farm. Thus, it would not be until, finally, the Gatehouse Farm development was underway that the link road connecting the Elm Grove/Gatehouse area with the Sainsbury's roundabout area would be in situ. Until that time all traffic connected with the three sites would not be able to access the development area via Elm Grove Road.  

Thus we presently have the Langdon site (which originally was NHS land) being developed by Persimmon with the other two sites following in due course and in the sequence and for the reasons I explain above. 

There is presently a planning application lodged with TDC for a bridge to be built across Shutterton Brook connecting the Persimmon site with that of the Secmaton Farm site.

Secmaton Farm has lodged a planning application for 201 houses. This application is presently going through the planning system at TDC. (I'll just point out that the Environment Agency does not appear at all happy with what is being proposed.)

Gatehouse Farm received outline planning permission for 409 residential units back in 2015 (planning application 15/02468 refers).


I have been prompted to write this post as I see that a new planning application has just been submitted concerning the initial infrastructure phase (including roads) for the Gatehouse development.  (see planning app 22/00148).


I hope this is not the beginning of the slippery slope back to the original sequence of development (Gatehouse Farm before Secmaton Farm)!

20 Feb 2022 08:37

I can't see anywhere (@ the date I write this) when it is that the developers at Gatehouse Farm wish to commence work on the road infrastructure (see thread

But my gut feeling is that they would like to start as soon as possible which could quite easily be before the Secmaton Farm part of the link road is in place. If the Secmaton Farm part of the link road is not in place then the only way building vehicles could access the Gatehouse Farm site is via the Elm Grove area.

Either by way of Elm Grove Road (thus going through an already built up residential area, very busy with traffic and which also happens to have the local secondary school sited along it, plus a primary school (Gatehouse) and pre school (Little Tinks).


By way of Sandy Lane ( a recreational area including a children's play area, and now also the site of the Red Rock centre which is used for educating children from across Devon who have problems at mainstream schools) and along Elm Grove Drive a residential area which is also used a lot by Dawlish College students as pedestrians on their way back and forth to school and also back and forth to the Leisure Centre. Then, as in the first option above, having to pass the primary school (Gatehouse) and Little Tinks pre-school. 


I have a feeling of deja vu re either of the two Elm Grove area options. We have been here before. And precisely because of the dangers to residents and schoolchildren it was decided by the powers that be that neither of the two Elm Grove options were 'goers' and hence the housing developments had to take place from the East to West (NHS land at Langdon, presently being developed by Persimmon, then Secmaton Farm, then Gatehouse Farm).   


As students attending Dawlish College also come from outside the parish (up as far as Exminster and Kenn and Kennford I believe) then this is a (potential) matter that concerns not only them and their parents/carers but also all councillors who represent areas from which Dawlish College draws its students.       

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05 Mar 2022 11:05

 Note: Development Area 2 = Gatehouse Farm. Roads to the south = the Elm Grove/ Sandy Lane area.

“ Following the public consultation process, it is clear that the safety of school pupils and amenity of residents in the streets to the south of the allocation, including on Elm Grove Road and Drive, are a significant and reasonable concern to the local community. This is particularly in view of the construction traffic which will be accessing Development Area 2 over a long period. The Council shall therefore be seeking to secure the delivery of the link road in its entirety as soon as possible. In this context, the Council will seek to permit and enable development phased from the north as soon as possible, and proposals should demonstrate how they minimise impacts on roads to the south.”

From: para 3.22 on page 13 of the DA2 and DA6 Development Framework Plan Supplementary Planning Doc. Adopted June 2016.

12 Mar 2022 07:26

.I have now had it confirmed from TDC that there is no agreed sequential development of the Gatehouse Farm/Secmaton Farm/NHS land (now being developed by Persimmon) and that the big Gatehouse development will start, if necessary, without the link road being in place. the absence of the link road all construction traffic with regard to the Gatehouse Farm development will need to use the Elm Grove area.

If you know people living in that area perhaps you might like to let them know!

(suggest read another thread on this website - The Continuing saga of the missing link road

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