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Dawlish News

Freemasons in Dawlish
11 Jun 2018

No, I'm a woman ...

Prince Harry & Meghan
22 May 2018

Not everyone is going to agree, that's fine.  If you're going to post you have to accept differing views.  As soon as you swear at someone you've lost the argument on a discussion board.  I don't like the views of some people on here and probably not the ones you're thinking of.  Take a break from the site and appreciate that not everyone is a royalist and just because you aren't doesn't make you ...

I wouldn't have expected the country park car park surface to have deterorated quite so quickly.

Someone was asking previously how this could be free to both provider and council. It details this in this report - Neil Blaney, Economy Manager, told the executive on Tuesday morning that it would work by the company who install the network and selling advertising space within an app that businesses can buy into. He said that revenue is generating from that and the future use of the ...

I wonder what businesses will do.  Do places like Harrisons go to the bank to cash up or doesn't it work like that anymore?

17 Apr 2018

Due to close 9 October 2018. See -

DCC announcement
16 Apr 2018

Not as far as I'm aware Lynne. I think he may have been ill recently.

16 Apr 2018

Announcement 1 Having led the college as Principal for the last four years, Mr Simon has decided to leave the college. The Governors have allowed Mr Simon to leave with effect from the end of the Spring Term. Mr Simon has asked that we pass on his thanks to colleagues, parents, Governors and students for their support during his time at the college. The Governors would like to ...

i have @leatash , it was a joke

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