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Dawlish News

They are calling it wait for it THE DAWLISH LINK they make it sound as though we have been cut of for the past 100 years.

My god Paul you must be the perfect human being you wouldn't by any chance be one of the 12 disciples ?

We have lost a perfectly good path round Tucks Plot and Street Lighting above 2/4 garage but a number of LED lights have been put along the Cycle Path in Lanherne so we now have a dark patch in a 30 zone and a well lit cycle path mad or what???

Great photos.

Well its stopped nothing for the last two nights there have been lads on motorbikes racing round the lawns kids screaming and shouting just the same agro as usual.

The steps will be half slope for cyclists and half steps for pedestrians.And as per my previous post a long downhill run for skate boarders.

16 Sep 2016

The skate boarders will love the down hill section so it will get some use.

16 Sep 2016

And folk talk about wasting money.

Yes we do have full CCTV but it apparantly is no good after dark and thousands of pounds was forked out but as usual for Dawlish its only half a job.

9 Jul 2016

Kids in Brunswick Place running ferrel tonight throwing litter every where and making a nuisance of themselves as usual nothing has changed i dont see any success at all.

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