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The sea wall belongs to network rail and in essence is private property, from boat cove onwards to Coryton Cove belongs to Teignbridge as there is no access the refreshment van cant get there. The replacement for the demolished cafe will be at the new mini golf and the work at Cockwood is for flood prevention due to rising sea levels, last but not least the Balcony terrace removed no idea is it ...

How about here .

We already have a litter pick up at 0700 plus a street clean at the same time granted it's not a proper clean like it used to be but they make an effort. Enforcement of the rules the days of a uniformed presence in the town on a daily basis went 15 years ago. A new bandstand well that has been a matter of conversation for the last 34 years and a decision still hasn't been made. Development of The ...

There should be a total ban on dogs using The Lawns. The poster who complained about signs was if i remember correctly from Brixam and a dog owner and was put out because she couldnt let her dog of the lead so i hope she reads this post and reflects on her actions.

As it says to generate a income for Teignbridge.

1 Apr 2018

You just have to look outside the Brunswick Arms dozens of fag ends or the two women who run a certain cafe in Brunswick Place who stand outside smoking and throw there dos ends on the footpath.  I noticed the improvements made by Gay's and yet folk sit by the brook eating and throw there paper bags on the floor when there are bins supplied.  Littering is the scurge of modern society and those who ...

Fred i remember a certain person who ran the Carnival making the same comment.

I would advise everyone to do what i do Ebay item no 222791580318.

28 Mar 2018

Diana Mond How about backing up your claims with some statistical evidence because the above is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever seen on this forum.

28 Mar 2018

Dave Hutton it's certainly not what i want.  But are young people on side i was parked outside South Devon College this morning and watched three 17/18 year old's each with a sausage in a roll and brown sauce in a plastic sachet the sauce goes on sausage the plastic on the floor when i asked them to pick it up i was told to f**k o*f.  That plastic would have been washed down the drain when it ...

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