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@TheObserver i didn’t say that it should be a public road! the residents live on a private unadopted road and are very vocal about it being private, yet expect public money to be spent on maintaining it for their benefit and their benefit alone. sod em.

WWI Beacons Of Light
20 Feb 2018

I’m sure he won’t mind me posting on here that I’ve received a message from Martin Wrigley saying that he will bring this to the attention of the Council. Fingers crossed that something will come of this so that we can fully commemorate our fallen heroes. Thank you Mr Wrigley.

Exactly, Flo.

WWI Beacons Of Light
18 Feb 2018

This is especially saddening after all of the sterling work that’s been done by the likes of Bob Vickery, which was supported by the previous DTC administration, to commemorate the lives that were lost due to WWI.

18 Feb 2018

It’s hugely disappointing that Dawlish Town Council haven’t offered to be included in the list of official beacons being lit all around the country to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

These will be the same residents that put up signs saying that it’s a private road and that the public are banned from using it. Sod em, I say.

Have you got the negatives of those photos...?

The arsonist is sadly still at large. However I’m pretty sure we’ll see the team from Censi’s providing the same fantastic service as they did last year.

Hopefully the residents aren’t rueing the day they moved there. I'm here all week...

I know you’re being facetious, but just to clarify for those in any doubt, they are referring to plastic-lined takeaway cups. This is a great initiative that I hope is well supported.

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