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Lycra louts about.
8 May 2018

Leatash, re the route supposedly taken, why would any sane person drive 4 extra miles just to save 2 minutes out of 31 minutes?? Times and distances verified on Googlemaps.

7 May 2018

It would be selfish if it were true. And, btw, cyclists do pay taxes, etc.

7 May 2018

I see you have a profound respect for the law.   And yet your acute eye seems not to have observed the 90 per cent of drivers who break the speed limit, the 40 per cent of them who run red lights, or the very similar number who use a handheld mobile phone at the wheel... If you’re a hard-working motorist paying hundreds of pounds each year on road tax, then it’s time to have a word with your ...

Exeter elections
5 May 2018

Like I said, UKIP were already an irrelevance at a national level. And thankfully their vile policies have seen them also wiped out at a local level.

4 May 2018

At least UKIP are now finished at a local level. Which makes them finished full stop, as they were already an irrelevance at a national level.

The former Mare & Foal Sanctuary charity shop. £12K rent a year plus at least £3.3K business rates.

Vicks, of course it’s a serious matter, however how on earth do you think this little thread is going to make any difference to the efforts to find the perpetrator? It’s ridiculous to post this a week after an event that was witnessed by so many, and yet claim that the police “can’t be arsed”! What is he trying to achieve?

20 Apr 2018

What are you going to do with this vital lead? You say the police can’t be arsed (which is strange coming from someone who said that they’re an ex-policeman), so what’s the plan?

20 Apr 2018

Hi Lynne, did you ask to be part of the working group? I assume not. This isn’t about a lack of transparency - as you know, members of the public have been invited to provide their opinions by at least one member of the working group. Decisions aren’t made by the working group, so why do you think members of the public should be invited to merely observe their meetings?  No doubt the working group ...

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