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Bloody Cyclists!
27 May 2018

How dare they be giving great publicity to Dawlish today! They don’t even pay road tax for crying out loud!!

Red Rock Cafe
17 May 2018

Great news!! Thank you for the info.

Thanks Lynne.

@burneside - i should have included an irony alert. @ZIGGY - thanks for providing the clarification for those that were unaware of the law. it’s also legal, obviously, to cycle on a shared use footpath.

13 May 2018

Maybe cyclists should stick to the roads?  Who needs a Moan-In Centre when you’ve If pedestrians stuck to the left hand side of shared use paths (ie with the traffic, rather than facing the traffic or meandering all over the place), then they’d be no problem. Without the demand from cyclists, these fantastic amenities either side of the Exe would not have been created. Be ...

I hope that the top flat has a watchtower...

Lycra louts about.
8 May 2018

Libel?  No you couldn’t. Though I’m sure I could “have you” for stalking... Bloody cyclists eh,,,?

8 May 2018

Bloody tax-dodging cyclists... Anyway. I prefer to Ask Jeeves about people who defraud the public purse (ask your screen-shotting sister about the people I’m referring to). I’m not sure whether my Nokia 3610 could cope with Facebook... You only post on here because you’re obsessed with me. However I’m not the one that takes pride in killing our countries High Street. As you’re a ...

The Stars & Stripes
8 May 2018

I wonder what you Trump sycophants have to say about his latest idiocy re Iran. At least it deflects from the court case against him...

Lycra louts about.
8 May 2018

Tut-tut Bernard. Nothing constructive to add to a thread, as usual. I don’t give a single penny to Google. As far as I’m aware, they’re not trying to kill our High Street - unlike you and your mates at Amazon.

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