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Tony Blaire tells lies, and who would want a liar in any power struggle?

yesterday at 08:31

There will always be shortages of something. We had a shortage of Co2, farmers are now facing a shortage of hay/straw and I sometimes have a shortage of money, but it is nothing to do with brexit.

2 days ago

There will be a travel fee payable by EU citizens who want to travel to EU countries after bexit. Well don't go, and see which one of the 27 would cracked first and drop the travel fee.

Official---- the police will not give a press release until there has been a formal identification, but by all accounts it was Keiron that was washed up on a beach in Dorset. Question now remains, how did he get from Dawlish to Dorset in just a flimsy dessing gown and jim jam.

4 days ago

I don't do Eyes of Dawlish. Can someone post up what his sister has said. There has been no press release from the Police.

4 days ago

There is a lot of speculation surrounding Keiron. As I do not have faebook, can someone who does look on face book and find it. I have just been told that it is on facebook posted by his sister.

4 days ago

It appears that Keiron was found dead. It also appears that his sister has placed it on facebook. As I do not have facebook,  I can't see it.

4 days ago

It has not been confirmed whether dead or alive, but they have found Keiron on a beach near Bournemouth. I will let everyone know when it is confirmed one or another.#unless of course it comes from another source.

@Lynne . All governments depend on businesses, even LA's depend on businesses. I remember dear old Mr Clatworthy once saying at a council meeting "we run to council, not the chamber of trade" and that was when it was suggest there should be some free parking in Dawlish. Well he lost that battle, as we now have free parking albeit only half an hour,

5 days ago

And of those countries that export food to the UK, how many and for how long will they tollerate the situation of being held up at the ports?