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Quick update -banners in the Strand have been re hung.

Social Media Cafe tonight at Rivera cafe bar in Teignmouth 6.00pm

Hi Lynne I will check for you I haven't had any different figures to the £144.  Those who have SERPS or similar will have no increases until the pensioners on the new rate meet their level.   My understanding was that  every person who went on to pension status would receive the new amount. Pension credit would disappear altogether.

Update on banners on the Strand I have been in touch with the contractor he will re hang the banners as soon as he can.  His cherry picker is being serviced at the moment but it should be sorted this week.

Thanks for the information I will do a bit of research  and take it to the next CIC meeting on 20th September..  Will update as and when I can.

Just to keep everybody updated, I had a meeting with the Chair of the CIC this morning, who has given me the contact details of the Contractor who put them up and I will pass this information on to the appropriate people.

Amateur Flower Show
9 Aug 2014

Went to the Srand Centre to the garden society show well worth a visit.  So many talented people in Dawlish.

burnside (Bernard ). Please don't be so disrespectful to Cllr Vickery nobody is being disrespectful to your sister Cllr Swift.  Why are you doing as you live in London and you don't know any of the Dawlish councillors.  This vicious vendetta has to stop.

31 Jul 2014

If people on this thread would like accurate information please read the minutes of the council meeting last night which will be available soon.  Michael is quite right  as it was recommended by the CCF and others who were at the meeting with extensive planning experience  all councillors present agreed that this was the best thing to do.

Point taken maybe the odd times I go on I only see the nasty ones.