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The flagship Play Park will be at the Manor Gardens. It will be a park for people with disabilities and people in wheelchairs that able bodied people can use as well.

I have always had amazing service from the surgery doctors have been brilliant

Old Bastins shop
15 Jan 2019

I have spoken to the workman - no Costa no Star Wars themed restaurant when they have finished the work they are doing for the Landlord the TO LET sign will go back up.

It will be available over the next few days.

25 Jul 2018

Attention all 10-19 year olds in Dawlish! Consultation meetings for the new play park are over the next few weeks. If you want your say in what equipment is included for your age group, get along to one of these meetings: Sat 28th July - Manor House Council Chamber,  10.30 - 2.30 and 4 - 6 Wed 1st August - The Strand Centre, 12 - 3 Fri 3rd August - St Agatha's Hall 3 - 7 Wed 8th ...

The optician by the surgery is amazing he goes above and beyond I would highly recommend him.

That’s right Lynn, when the presentation was prepared and delivered to the council. Do feel free to attend any of the meetings on Friday mornings at 10am be lovely to see you there and get your thoughts.

14 Jun 2018

All that information was on the relevant minutes of the town council meeting.  But it is now on the website so Information now readily avaible.

14 Jun 2018

Lynn they couldn’t add information to the council website until the lawn group had completed the work we were asked to do.  We completed that 2 weeks ago and it is now in the website.

The Freemason do a tremendous amount for charities.  When I worked for Red Cross we regularly received money from them for local causes.  There is a national section which is called The Grand Charity we received a massive amount from them for fire victim support vehicles.  When John and I were Mayor and Mayoress of Dawlish we received two amounts for charities in Dawlish at a regional level.