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General Discussion

22 Jul 2015

It is at the Manor on Wednesday 5th August.

We didn't need to focus on the DW toilets as far as we knew they were being kept open until the conversion was done then the toilets would continue to be open alongside the new business.  We did what we needed to do for both sets of toilets.  Dawlish Councillors did fight hard for both sets of toilets.

10 Jul 2015

DTC have taken TDC Councillors to task it is them that should be fighting our corner and it is the community of Dawlish as well as DTC that should be making sure that happens.  Lynne's suggestions are spot on.  Things  are done (decommissioning of toilets) at TDC without consultation or communication, DTC council didn't find out until a couple of weeks ago we did fight it, but we were told it ...

9 Jul 2015

I am appalled about the toilets at The Warren. As far as I was concerned it had been agreed to keep the toilets open. Then out of the blue we were told that they had been decommissioned.   We were told that TDC were paying for portal loos as if we should be grateful.  They did try to get DTC to pay for them.  The Teignbridge District Councillors should have voted not to close the toilets.

I have enjoyed working with you and Michael, Bob and you both deserve all the praise you are receiving on this forum.  You have both worked very hard as Councillors for Dawlish.  Congratulations on your fantastic news.

Wonderful event at DCC. DCC exchanged teachers with a school in India.  The Indian teachers have spent a week at DCC. Today we presented them with a plaque from DTC and the Indian teachers answered questions from the students.  Very special afternoon.

27 Mar 2015

The Mayor and myself have been at a fundraising coffee morning at the Methodist Church Hall this morning hosted by Wanda and Peter and this afternoon we are at Dawlish Community College. The Mayor who was a pupil at the college 56 years ago will be addressing visitors from India, staff and pupils.  If you want to contact us our number is 864655.

I voted for my reason being that I felt Dawlish needed the carnival to go ahead. So many people look forward to Carnival week.

12 Mar 2015

Michael is not a coward and he has every right to vote whichever way he wants to vote.

I think there are 12 banners.  The closing date for submission of photograps is Monday 2nd February and the  whole group will look at all the photographs submitted on Tuesday 3rd February,  and the whole group will make the decision on what photograps will be used for the banners.  If you are not sending photographs, feel free to email to me any ideas and thoughts you have about the banners and I ...

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