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Dawlish News

Leatash, while i agree with some of your posts, however being a responsible dog owner myself I disagree with your notion that dogs should be banned from our beaches. I agree that there has to be some control and compromise of which we have in place now with the summer curfu ie no dogs to the right of the station for the summer duration. If, as you say that at 0700 this morning you saw a dog ...

There is a certain type of person that lets their dog poop anywhere and it doesn't concern them one bit. You will never get through because that's the way they are. They are cretins of the first order and have no consideration for other people or the environment.

I can sure understand that people leave or do not bother with this forum anymore. I for one only post occasionally, this Diana Mond is either aggressive or passive aggressive perhaps this is how the person gets their kicks. As DEEDOODLE states many unforunate souls do not post anymore.

4 Apr 2018

What parents don't know where their 13/14 kids are that time of the morning they are a constant nuisance and will continue to be so. For the size of this town there are so many feral kids roaming around in packs.

Exeter road was a nightmare this afternoon of course no different to any afternoon or morning. The sign flashing stated that roadworks were delayed due to cold weather, perhaps I can understand that. However this afternoon at 2:30 pm the sun was shining and nobody was working, perhaps it was too sunny!

I agree DEE. This is a town that has no Law and certainly no order. Smackheads and drunks just go about their daily business each and every day in public places with impunity. Calling 101 is, as you say in this country "not fit for purpose"

They report that crime numbers are down. Why and how is that is it because they do not report or arrest these people. You can make up any numbers you want but it's not factual. We the residents of Dawlish see it all the time and to some degree we feel immune but to a tourist it must stand out more to them. I have started my own campaign of sending emails to the relevent enforcement people and i ...

30 Jun 2017

The article in is a load of propaganda and Teignbridge Council know it. "Call the 101 number it states" what a load of BS and be told not to bother them with outside or inside noise and ASB. The police cars come down the Strand and do not even bother to look if there are any problems. All this we know to be true.

I'm done with Flo.  Tried to have a discussion she/he Just being stupid now.

27 Jun 2017

Yes, i read that Flo, but the other one is a Dawlish local and what do you think precipitated it. Thanks for the info on the school.

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