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Dawlish News

They report that crime numbers are down. Why and how is that is it because they do not report or arrest these people. You can make up any numbers you want but it's not factual. We the residents of Dawlish see it all the time and to some degree we feel immune but to a tourist it must stand out more to them. I have started my own campaign of sending emails to the relevent enforcement people and i ...

30 Jun 2017

The article in is a load of propaganda and Teignbridge Council know it. "Call the 101 number it states" what a load of BS and be told not to bother them with outside or inside noise and ASB. The police cars come down the Strand and do not even bother to look if there are any problems. All this we know to be true.

I'm done with Flo.  Tried to have a discussion she/he Just being stupid now.

27 Jun 2017

Yes, i read that Flo, but the other one is a Dawlish local and what do you think precipitated it. Thanks for the info on the school.

27 Jun 2017

DEEDOODLE, I assume you are asking for a reponse from me? As stated in the paper a 33 year old adult approached a group of teenagers, WHY? There is a reason and as stated one or both are known to be from the local area. Flo has her opinion but somewhat naive and short sighted, he/she is welcome to it. To believe these little cherubs some of which are still in their school uniforms are not causing ...

26 Jun 2017

I respect your opinions and it doesn't bother me whatsoever who you are or where you live. I agree with you there are plenty of adults that hang around this town of dubious character. Let us just agree to disagree and leave it at that. But you do have a point about the upstanding members that i will agree on.

26 Jun 2017

With all due respect Flo you do not see who is here during the day/night. These so called kids as you put it vary in age some as young as 16/17 some late teens early 20s. When one would use the term (kids) I'm talking 9/13. There is a bad element in Dawlish don't take my word for it call the police. Why don't you take a stroll to the Lawn area of an evening and witness it for yourself of course it ...

26 Jun 2017

I agree with you Deedoodle with every point you bring up. Where i live we have this problem night after night i have called the the 101 number many times only to be told there is N othing they will do for outside noise. I have had many an arguments with the 101 people. When they do send a car from Sheffield the group has moved on to disturb another area of the town. I'm afraid we are on our own ...

Who would have guessed it. At least the word is out there now come to Dawlish and get stoned we have plenty of drugs down here. We can drink during the day and do it openly during the day even though it's prohibited as there is rarly any police around. And of course after 10pm they go of duty. So come and take a holiday in Dawlish.

That's because I'm not there. I do hope you all are calling the 101 number, remember every call that is logged is read from the top down and lands on Joe Mathews desk in Newton Abbot. Not to worry I will be back in 3 weeks and I will be on the phone and emailing the respective people. The 101 number personel and Joe Mathews know I'm a pain in there rear. It's so nice to be Stateside again.

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