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Paul's Posts

Well 52% is enough or it was back when the UK was a democracy.

10 Apr 2019

The EU referendum was the only just thing to do. We all hate the EU and have done for decades.

10 Apr 2019

We should leave with no deal and have no border in Ireland. The UK is ok with that, as is the WTO, only the EU want a border. The EU have affectively been threating us with problems associated with an Irish border, which shows the EU's true colours. What do we get from May's deal? The backstop, the £39B bill. Leaving with no deal is the BEST deal. Let's get the hell OUT!

9 Apr 2019

Well I agree we should just leave. But May's deal is so bad we can't go for it. The backstop says that if the border solution between Northern Ireland and Ireland isn't working the UK has to rejoin the EU 'temporarily' to prevent a hard border. Which means we couldn't really do deals with other countries around the world since the deals would be meaningless and any deal could be broken. ...

9 Apr 2019

Only a mentalist would vote for her deal. The backstop is awful, it means we never really leave. May's deal is not Brexit at all. Our problem currently is that we have a British Prime Minister who is on everyone's side except ours. We should leave the German controlled EU on Friday.

9 Apr 2019

Our MP has consistently defended democracy by supporting the leave result, for that we should aplaude her. However sod the Tory party and the other anti democratic parties. UKIP or Brexit Party are the only way forward.

9 Apr 2019 Traitors Letwin and Cooper. Again MPs try to stop Brexit, for some reason they want us to stay in the German controlled EU. The MPs that voted for this disgrace not only are they against the people but they are selling out our country. Shame on all of you. BBC ...

So the tourism industry benefits from Brexit. Excellent, stick that in your pipe and smoke it project fear.

True. If any of those traitors knock on my door, they will get a well known two word phrase followed by the door slammed. Election is payback time.

5 Apr 2019

I'm voting UKIP. As we know from their brexit betrayal the other parties cannot be trusted.