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Paul's Posts

Justice has been served by the British People. Every centrist MP who defected from Labour and Tories loses seat. Got a special for them.

13 Dec 2019

Let's celebrate the successes. Labour blocking the people, stopped. Swinson's non-sense silenced. Tories can now get us out of the failed eu. 3 cheers for Boris, hip hip hooray, hooray, HOORAY!!!

Boris's majority will be 50. Brexit party will have 20 MPs. Lab / lib dems will disband after the election due to utter failure.

11 Dec 2019

Anyone care to have a go at predicting the result? My prediction is Big majority for Boris. Lib Dems second, Labour third. Brexit Party win in Exeter and Plymouth.

@leatash , nope, I just like to stick to the facts. Humans causing climate change is just fake news. @ER113 No point of posting links to "scientific" papers based on comparing NASA's laughable CO2 measurements taken on top of a active volcano and ice cores. It's non-sense. You can waste your life on climate religion but normal people see through all the lies. The so called climate ...

12 Nov 2019

Religion, just believe without any evidence. There is no evidence of humans causing climate change. Communism, hold everyone back, stop people doing well, we all have to pay higher taxes / waste time on climate 'fix'. It's all a scam to control the weak minded and rip us all off.

10 Nov 2019

Climate religion has nothing to do with the environment. It is a communist ideology. It's a scam.

5 Nov 2019 Let's hope we do the same.

3 Nov 2019

You can believe what you like. I pefer to use my eyes, everyone can see the sea levels haven't changed nor is the weather any different. It's a great shame we're going to waste so much time and money on this folly.

29 Oct 2019

Global Warming Fraud Exposed: Everywhere is warming twice as fast as everywhere else is warming twice as fast 100% proof it's a scam.