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Paul's Posts

ok, thanks for the info @ZIGGY . i better dig out some id then.

Only one day to go!

Snooky Fest
14 Jul 2017

I'm sure we're all very much looking forward to Snooky Fest. Does anyone know if you can take your own beers in or do you have to buy them there?

Anne Marie Morris
13 Jul 2017

Let's give up on these Oxbridge plonkers. Perhaps we could persuade Miss Universe to be our MP. He is his own man, not owned by the media or Wall Street and they hate him for it. What a great President, he just gets the job done.

Anne Marie Morris
13 Jul 2017

What is woodpile?

Why have The Town Council not rectified this problem?

Must carry weapons for self defence.

Some photographs of the new Lanherne to Beach Street footpath.

25 Jun 2017

The footpath between Lanherne and Beach Street is now open. A very nice quality job adding to the town's infrastructure. Well done to all involved.