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Paul's Posts

When does the mackerel fishing season start? Also anyone know what the best method is? I'm guessing feathers or spinner?

Yeah really nice. Good the see nice inprovements happening to our lovely little town.

Well done all. Except for a couple nasty red blemishes on the map the south west is again True Blue Tory . Lovely Jubbly!

Result. Tories win, Labour lost FACT.

I just hope that we still get out of the EU. It's sad we are such a weak country.

9 Jun 2017

@Carer , what's your point?

Who are the rude ar$eholes outside the polling station near the high school?

Cannot let Labour or the Libs wreck the economy. Vote Conservative for a bright future.

Cheer up dudes, not long now til we can all celebrate a Tory landslide victory.

Yes, I've posted real reasons why you should vote for the Conservatives and why Labour is nothing more than a joke. The voting system could be better, but never mind that now, t he general election is tomorrow. Let's make sure the Conservatives have a big majority so we have a bright future ahead of us.