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Paul's Posts

@Andrew , yes sorry, everything you say is correct, everyone else is wrong. My thoughts are - remove the bad, help the good. Simple!

26 May 2017

So the simple answer is kill ALL the bad guys and then help the descent people left to build prosperous lives.

I go to Newton Abbot Asda sometimes as you get a lot more for your money, as long as you stay away from the named brands. Everytime I go I think wow, can't belive it's so cheap. Well worth going there once a month to get long life products such as canned fish, beans, meat, long life milk etc. Definitely a good saving.

23 May 2017

OK so the town has CCTV, which must be a good thing. How many cameras are there?

23 May 2017

Does the town have CCTV / does it work / is it any good?

I'm talking about ways to defending ourselves against the street violence of Dawlish but somehow I'm being an idiot. OK, well let's hear it then, what should we do?

19 May 2017

Well, I don't want to be attacked and be unarmed. Got to be better to have some way to defend yourself.

19 May 2017

With the recent extreme violence of the acid attack we must take all measures possible to protect ourselves. If we all carried guns then robbers and other scum would leave us alone. As we have childish laws in this country stopping us having such protection, what can we carry? Pocket knives?

We would be better off getting the monkeys at Paignton Zoo to run the country than Corbyn, Abbott and rest of the fools. I've booked the Friday off to celebrate Theresa's victory and our nation's bright future.

Illegal Parking
11 May 2017