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Paul's Posts

thanks @flo , hopefully something will be done.

21 Feb 2018

@elvis presley , what revelence does special brew and methadone have to pushing salesmen call colding on the elderly?

21 Feb 2018

Yep, exactly what he was wearing.

19 Feb 2018

A bloke from this scum company - called at my mum's door this evening at approximately 20:30. He said households in the area had been over changed and had been sent to fix the billing problems. He sounded very official, but I realised he was just trying to get us to switch to get a fee. My mum has a Devon & Cornwall Police no cold calling sticker on the door which he ...

23 Jan 2018

Why is the BBC continually running news reports about the NHS problems? What the BBC's agenda?

The UK in space
22 Jan 2018 The space race is hotting up again. So that the UK isn't left behind, we need to spend more on our space industry. Surely it makes sense to reduce the welfare bill that is crippling our country and invest in the future.

Fire & Fury
7 Jan 2018

There is something really wrong about all this. The BBC, C4 and other main stream news channels are giving this book loads of air time and promoting it as if it was fact when it is just opinion and, according to Trump, lies. Trump should sue Michael Wolff and the news outlets and make sure they do not profit from any of this. I'm particularly unhappy that the BBC is promoting this book at my ...

It was Nigel Farage that made David Cameron give us the EU referendum due to the popularity of UKIP. We all owe Nigel a lot for rescuing the country. It's a shame that May is the most useless negotiator in history.

No, I haven't read the plans. I just know my learned pals on here would have all the answers. Yep a steel container sounds bad. The one thing the people had was equality online. The SELFISH bast*rds didn't like that and have now tripped the scales in their favour. Just another mechanism to make them even richer and us poorer. What a sad day.