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Prophets of Doom
23 Jan 2020

Religious fundamentalism refers to the belief of an individual or a group of individuals in the absolute authority of a sacred religious text or teachings of a particular religious leader, prophet and/ or God. There is simply no evidence of climate change. It is a scam and governments go along with it to create in new taxes.

22 Jan 2020 Good to see that not all world leaders have fallen for the climate change scam. We don't all want to be brainless tree hugging stinkers. Thanks President Trump for protecting us from the tyranny of climate change religion.

Fire Station Closures
17 Jan 2020

Nothing sensible to add as usual. BBC obviously wasting money. The TV licence needs an urgent review.

15 Jan 2020 We have to close fire stations, while the BBC spends £90M on Eastenders. Why not cancel Eastenders and save our fire stations?

Well I admit the Guardian is a dodgy newspaper, but everyone knows that. However it's obvious to all that climate change is a scam. The real sad part about all of this is that so many people believe the climate change propaganda, even though there is zero evidence for any of it.

8 Jan 2020 "Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020." So what happened to all the predictions about the climate? Oh that's right it was all nonsense then as it is now.

General Soleimani
6 Jan 2020

Cannot back down to terrorists, even if they are state sponsored. The World is not more dangerous, it is exactly the same as before.

5 Jan 2020

General Soleimani was in Iraq to support the riots attacking the US embassy. America nicely did away with an evil little man. He should have been killed years ago. I support the US action.

Bye Bye 2019
5 Jan 2020

What do we live in then?

The next leader of the Liberal Undemocrats will just be another lefty weirdo, but as you said, nobody cares.

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