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General Discussion

Well I'm just looking forward to the new President. Donald Trump is a doer not just all talk, a breath of fresh air compared to the norm.

13 Jan 2017

Also the world will be a much safer place with Donald Trump in power since him and Vladimir are great mates.

12 Jan 2017 Barrack Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner sends thousands of US Troops right up against the Russian border. Deployment brought forward before the new President takes office. What is the point? To start WW3? Also why are they in desert coloured vehicles?

Border Force Ship
7 Jan 2017

Border Force boat off Dawlish Town Bech at 2017-01-07 10:50.

23 Nov 2016

A ban on letting agent fees, great news. Shame they didn't scrap Right to Buy and use the money to pay off some of the national debt instead. Very nice crib.

Very nice. I wish I was out there walking about now.

Trump vs Hillary
11 Nov 2016

No, probably just stay in Dawlish. How do you know that Donald Trump is an idiot, have you met him?

10 Nov 2016

@leatash , lol.

10 Nov 2016

Well New Zealand looks a lovely place to live. As you can see from the pic below it is almost as nice as Dawlish.

10 Nov 2016

The Guardian has been wrong about all of this. The general election, Brexit and US election. Definitely the worst paper I know of. Always comes up with stupid excuses rather than admitting they got it wrong. They even came out with the classic 'the US people voted wrong, on the wrong issues, they were misled'. Which is very disrespectful. Please do read something other than that ...

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