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May's Brexit Betrayal
26 Feb 2019

The UK pays in about £10B a year, we get some back but we're told what to do with it. Would be better to keep our own money and decide what to do with it ourselves. For the UK there is no net benefit to being in the EU. I really don't see why we can't have our own money and run our own country.

I am enjoying this lovely weather. We need more climate change.

Shamima Begum
14 Feb 2019


May's Brexit Betrayal
12 Feb 2019

1970's project fear - Nothing changes, same old scare stories then as now. Planes can't land, 6 months to get through Dover, we'll have no food, etc. No one can really believe this rubbish surely? 'Inside Europe 10 Years of Turmoil', an interesting documentary series recently broadcast on the Remainiac Broadcasting Corp (formally known as ...

10 Feb 2019

EU referendum "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" The result was "Leave the European Union" The government has promised to implement the result. All we need to do is leave the EU and job done. So what's the problem Mrs May / Westminster?

8 Feb 2019

Merry Christmas
25 Dec 2018

A good day to invent new cocktails or succumb trying.

Brexit - Part 1
15 Dec 2018

Forget the EU with it's broken economies, we are going global.

EU employee of the month Theresa May says we are leaving but clearly her deal is nothing of the sort. We couldn't really be in a worse mess than if that deal goes through. Has she lost the plot?

Yep. Let's get out asap. There may be an initial cost but we can use loans. It won't take long until we are doing much better than before. We will trade with the world including the EU, but we will remember how they have treated us and that we owe them no loyalty whatsoever. The EU will go down the pan, due to their idiocy. Brexit was caused by the EU, they only have themselves to blame. ...

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