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Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? with the responses to the question to be (to be marked with a single (X)): Remain a member of the European Union Leave the European Union Answer = LEAVE Three years ago. As you can clearly see there is nothing about a treaty (referred to as deal) in the question, so we ...

If I was a Labour supporter I would want Corbyn out. He is a failure. Some of his shadow cabinet seem to be a bit thick. The way that Comrade Corbyn might get in is if the sensible vote is split between Tories and Brexit. For the sake of the country and all our futures, we've all got to hope and pray Corbyn is never PM, he is the worst person for the job. He is clueless and is overloaded by ...

1½ weeks ago

Corbyn is a failure.

1½ weeks ago

The idiot Corbyn doesn't want to be in power.

President Trumps’s achievements Put Korean peninsula on a course for peace. Pulled out of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal. Appeasement is never the answer. Seen there is no evidence of man made climate change and got out of the Paris climate agreement. Predicted Brexit correctly. Put the UK at the front of the queue. All proving President Trump is a man of integrity. Donald Trump ...

22 Jun 2019

@Calamari , ha, very funny. I'm sure President Trump being a great man wouldn't mind a bit of humour. Why is he suspended? He should be applauded for having the guts to take on the intruder. She was trying to rush to the front, he had no idea of her intentions. Well done Mark Field.

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Tory Leadership Vote
19 Jun 2019

Glad Rory is out, fed up with listening to his non-sense.

A UK/US deal will be beneficial to both our countries. Both have a lot to offer. Post Brexit we won't have the eu taking they huge cut for doing nout.

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