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HuwMatthews2's Posts

There's nothing in there about Brexit and she's obviously unhinged!

Would've made a good Wetherspoons. They could have called it 'The Money Pit' maybe.

General Election
22 Apr 2017

Not according to what Farage has said. But, like I said, They're irrelevant now.

Ooooh, now you're asking......Um.......John Petherick I think.

General Election
22 Apr 2017

Not true. No one - including TM - wants a 'Hard Brexit'. What she is saying is that a 'Hard Brexit' (i.e. no deal) is better than a bad deal for the UK. She's right of course. Many in the EU want the UK to get a bad deal so that IF it goes back to be signed off in the Commons it won't get through. More EU delusionaal thinking.

Well, I think that sorts that out. Dawlish is dying on its ar*e and needs events like this. I for one am going to volunteer to help out in any way I can.

Irregular but not unprecedented. Graham Price was ousted by the Voicesw For Dawlish crowd a few years ago.

21 Apr 2017

Great pics.....although I did a double take on the RIB with the 2 dogs.....admit it.....the pattern on the boat does make it look like the lady has a huge bottom!

Does this really need to publicised? RIP. Now have some respect for the family's privacy at this sad time.

UKIP is irrelevant now - job done. Leavers will vote for Cons to guide the UK through Brexit.