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HuwMatthews2's Posts

@slargemail How's that 5th column looking now you naive buffoon? RIP to all those who died in Paris & my heart goes out to the families and those injured.

The Govt. want HAs to take over the responsibility for building social housing. They're not doing a bad job of it but need more public money. By definition a HA is not-for-profit so only has limited resources of its own to plough back in annually.

Sainsburys roundabout
25 Oct 2015

Based on what DJ is saying then, if your travelling towards Exeter you could use the right hand lane and go straight on? That won't work. Normally, if there are 2 lanes going into a roundabout and only one lane on each exit, there will be signage and arrows on the road to indicate the lane. There aren't any on this roundabout.

Who's still here then?

Syrian refugees
24 Sep 2015

So taking on the Nazis was 'State Sponsored Terrorism' was it? Because IS/ISIS/ISIL are absolutely no different in my view. Therefore if they are not confronted by countries like the UK who's going to do it?

Corbyn wins
16 Sep 2015

This is the current Labour Party incumbents view on things - God help us!: “It's about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands t hat brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA ….........Deaths of innocent civilians in IRA attacks is ...

12 Sep 2015

The SNP didn't. At the referendum 49% for independence and 51% voted against. All those Nationalists voted for the SNP at the GE whereas the 'stay togethers' split their vote between 3 or 4 other parties. That's why the SNP won.

12 Sep 2015

He is unelectable at a GE - Labour have condemned themselves to opposition for as long as he is leader. The turkeys have just voted for Christmas! (Oops - sorry Jeremy - ......have just voted for an all inclusive, multicultural Winter Holiday!)

Syrian refugees
10 Sep 2015

The reason a Catholic cannot become Monarch is nothing to do with religious discrimination. The Sovereign is also Defender of the Faith and head of the Anglican Church. A Catholic would not (due to their denomination) be able to fullfil that role.

10 Sep 2015

I don't buy that. Loyalist Terrorist Gangsters v Republican Terrorist Gangsters. Probably more sectarian hatred in Glasgow than Belfast.