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@burneside This says it all really: this is Trolling at its best. Better that after this I just ignore you. Bye.

13 May 2017

As I intimated, we'll agree to disagree. So I'm now either "paranoid or just very insecure" but that's not an insult at all! I didn't answer your last question because it is meaningless - There is no conflict and I am not angry. You do not impact upon my life enough for me to have any emotions towards you.

12 May 2017

@Indy Scot Okay. 1. I am not out by any factor - Corbyn confirmed on the Andrew Marr prog that the "£500 bn is an approximate figure". I'm therefore quoting him not the Mirror. The Mirror link is only because I can't find the Marr link. You seem to have more time on your hands so perhaps you can. 2. Cancelled franchises attract compensation; ergo cost. 3. I'm not angry. ...

12 May 2017

@Indy Scot The Mirror is reporting what Corbyn stated on the Andrew Marr programme. Unfortunately I can't find the clip but there is a transcript on the net. You say it doesn't link to the recently announced Manifesto - how else is he going to pay for it? You say "renationalisation would make funds available". How? If you buy something back the seller doesn't usually give you cash ...

12 May 2017

11 May 2017

Corbyn has said how he will pay for it.....he's going to borrow £500bn. Yep, £500,000,000,000 or about £7650 for every man, woman and child in the country. Who's going to pay that back then? Like I said elsewhere - Simplistic ideology!!!

@Indy Scot QED!

8 May 2017

@Indy Scot Is there anyone that you won't throw insults at? Everyone who disagrees with your simplistic ideology seems to be fair game to you. As I said before - Troll!

i still think you're just a troll @Indy Scot !!!!!!

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