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@Woodcock Think it's to do with air conditioning. The entire article is an American 'thang'! lol

Serious question and I really don't know the answer. Are any facilities in Teignmouth or N Abbot being closed? It seems that £millions are being spent in T'Mouth on the theatre, fish quay etc. but Dawlish and D/Warren can't even have a couple of karsies! Am I right in thinking we pay more Council Tax per household than both of those places?

I don't really understand what these people are doing. If I park my car on double yellow lines or other places where it is quite obvious that either I'm not supposed to park or the owner doesn't want me to park and I get a ticket then I'll pay it - I may not like it but I took my chances and lost. It matters not whether the signage is correct or the double yellows have bars at the ...

The obvious answer is for TDC to use their own land between Strawberry Lane and Breakneck Hill as SANGs. Great views up there - and it would protect it from future development by greedy landowners. Oh hang on....I can see the flaw there already!!!! Perhaps a FOI request for details of TDC land holdings/ownership in the Dawlish/Warren area might produce a solution for the Weeks ...

Anti-Austerity March
25 Jun 2015

There's no 'alleged' about it. Martin McGuinness was an IRA gunman and 2i/c of the IRAs Derry Brigade at the time of Bloody Sunday. As far as I'm concerned, the protest lost all credibility as soon as he was shoved up on stage. 1300 Security Forces died in his, and his likes, 30 year war plus around 2000 civilians (to put perspective on this 255 soldiers were killed in the Falklands, ...

Well was it? They didn't cause a problem and are used to getting through traffic like that. In law they have committed an offence but if my house/business/anyone else's property was on fire or I/my kids/family/anyones nok were drowning I'd hope they'd be forgiven. My first reaction was 'maniac' (said in a Clarksonesque voice)....but we can all be too quick to make a judgement I suppose.

FYI Bedroom Tax
25 Jun 2015

Well that sounds sensible. Good on the courts...for once!

I wonder if s/he was a Firefighter enroute to a shout. Just a thought.

Anti-Austerity March
23 Jun 2015

I'm assuming that the country is up the proverbial creek without a paddle financially. The Govt. - any Govt. -  has limited options to resolve this because most of our financial spending is now ruled by EU directives which subjugate our national laws. I'd be the first to celebrate if we could now afford everything we want to - but we can't. Most people in the country realise ...

I thought the idea was to cut benefits but also cut income tax for low earners so that those on WTC shouldn't be disadvantaged? As Cameron said, the situation as is (i.e. to take with one hand whilst giving with the other) is pretty ludicrous. I may be reading this all wrong though so put me right if I am.

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