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Dawlish News

Well, a Cross-Country train came through fine yesterday just before 11. And the sea didn't look particularly rough.

Dear oh dear oh dear.  Couldn't happen to a nicer chap.  (He went to my old school so I can say things like that.)

Extraordinary, isn't it ?  for her to lay eggs again when she's still got such a young cygnet.  Must admit, I did get the impression the other day she wasn't really looking after the young one, hope I'm wrong.  (And yes, good stuff DEEDOODLE, thank you.)

Yes, I could hear it, and I live on the West Cliff.  Must have been hell for people who live up that end of town (unless they were at the party, of course).

Brilliant - and the rain held off till just the moment they left !

I've been told that no sub-contractor can operate on both Sat and Sun: it's one or the other.

Yes indeed.  I was disappointed when Spotlight reported these championships, they banged on about how well the south west had done but not a mention of Dawlish.

Thank you Flo.

And flooded straightaway.  Never mind, they said, cyclists can still ride along the seawall. They probably will anyway, as many do (along the canal bank) between Exminster and Turf: the view's much better up there.

Thank you Flo. I was a bit surprised to read (under '11b. Future Challenges', under 'Healthy Lives') : 4. Highest concentrations of low income and excess cold in the private sector are found in the wards of Dawlish Central & North East, Dawlish South West and Kenton with Starcross. This means 'over the whole of the Teignbridge area'. Surprise anyone else ?   What's the reason ?

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