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Dawlish News

19 Nov 2014 12:49

Teignbridge residents are being encouraged to offer their views on a draft document which maps out housing and health needs in the district over the next five years.

People can influence and contribute to Teignbridge's emerging Housing and Health Strategy 2015-2020 by giving comments and feedback as part of a consultation period which runs from now until 5 January 2015.

Giving people more opportunities to get the house they want has long been a priority for Teignbridge and the council feels it is important residents have the opportunity to shape the framework.

The strategy takes into consideration the council's adopted Local Plan, the formal transfer of Public Health to local government and funding changes, all of which have an impact on the various different housing options.

The strategy has the following four themes, each with a set of aims:

A place to live

• Enable new affordable housing, including a range of property and tenure types according to need

• To ensure that all housing within the private sector is in a good state of repair, is decent, and is safe and warm, and occupied

Access to services

• Make information easy to find and simple to understand, and increase options and availability for "self-service"; use customer learning to improve our service

• Continue to work with partners to increase the coverage and impact of services

• Continue to prevent homelessness and provide support to those in crisis

Healthy lives

• Provide early intervention, advice and services to help people to remain independent and increasing health and well-being of our residents

• Reduce the housing factors that can lead to accidents and ill-health in the home

Money matters

• Provide early intervention, advice and services to help people to manage their money, to keep a roof over their heads

• To encourage facilitate access to different financial management solutions

• To ensure value for money in our own services and those we commission from others

From these a range of outcomes have been developed focusing on ensuring housing contributes to the economic development of the district, improving housing conditions through tackling fuel poverty and improving energy efficiency, bringing long-term empty homes back into use and improving private sector housing stock.

Cllr John Goodey, Teignbridge District Council's executive spokesman for housing and planning, said:

"Having a place to call home is a basic human need. It offers shelter and warmth and is the place where we spend most quality time. Living in a suitable, safe, well designed home is one of life's main achievements from where we can base and build our lives.

"A balanced housing market can also deliver economic growth, reduce crime, support social and financial inclusion and importantly, improve the health outcomes for many people.

"We are now looking to our residents to take this opportunity to comment on the direction we propose."

The strategy can be viewed at:

Residents can also offer views by emailing:

It's anticipated that based on the consultation responses the strategy will be debated by Teignbridge's overview and scrutiny committee early in 2015 before any changes are made. A final strategy will go before the Executive for approval.

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20 Nov 2014 17:08

Thank you Flo.

I was a bit surprised to read (under '11b. Future Challenges', under 'Healthy Lives') :

4. Highest concentrations of low income and excess cold in the private sector are found in the 
wards of Dawlish Central & North East, Dawlish South West and Kenton with Starcross.
This means 'over the whole of the Teignbridge area'.
Surprise anyone else ?   What's the reason ?
20 Nov 2014 19:23

The following may contain the seeds of an answer to Daverc's question


Very worrying information about homes without central heating, fuel poverty and children being raised in poverty


Dawlish is a lovely place to live, but its sad to see how difficult life can be for our neighbours.  The reasons are complex and intertwined I'm sure.  Poverty and hardship brings so many troubles in their wake and people find themselves in difficulty because of all sorts of reasons.




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