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An attempt by the Lords to force the Tories to honour their manifesto pledge to retain the triple-lock formula when calculating pension increases was defeated in the Commons last night, and Morris voted to scrap the triple-lock.  Remember that folks when she comes begging for your vote at the next election. ...

COVID Boosters
2 Nov 2021

1 Nov 2021

Why are the vaccinated so afraid of the unvaxxed, and want them to hide away. It seems they have no faith that the vax actually works.

31 Oct 2021

@Carer - as you've had the two jabs and will blindly take any number of boosters the government will throw at you, then surely you are fully protected?  What anybody else does can't possibly affect you.

@Teignpot - reported, for the obvious reasons.

Europeans, many from the south west, were captured by the Barbary pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa.  You don't hear much about that these days.

Carrie Antoinette is the real power in Downing Street, that's why we're getting all these loony green diktats every other day.

14 Sep 2021

Will they work in the winter when there's not much sunlight to recharge the chargers?

Here we go again...

Not ruining The Lawn would be the best option for Dawlish.