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Dawlish News

Not being a bus user I had no idea you could get to that wretched farmer's field on public transport, I still won't be visiting it though.  I have far better things to do than wander around a crap filled field.

24 Aug 2018

If I want to go out and get some fresh air the last place I would visit is a farmer's field full of dog walkers and the attendant excreta.

Rationing ended in the 50s, we joined the EEC in 1973.  As usual you are not making any sense.

23 Aug 2018

Because, of course, before we joined the EEC/EC/EU life in this country was just like that. You're old enough to know better, Mrs C.

A quarter of a million pounds to turn a farmer's field into a dog walking area that, for most people in Dawlish, can only be reached by car. What a great idea.  Thanks EU.

I wonder if these trains will be as popular as the HST, and still be a workhorse of the railways in 40 years time?  Someone I know who uses them on the Bristol route is far from impressed with these new trains.  I guess we'll soon find out.

All those lorries, all that pollution.  Perhaps we should eat food that is more local to us.  When I was young we ate according to the season, it was no great hardship.

During the 70s & 80s parliament thought it right that the accused in sexual assault cases were granted anonymity, perhaps because those kind of allegations carry such huge social stigma that live with the accused for the rest of their lives, even if they are subsequently found innocent.  And, of course, there are the serial rape fantasists out there: ...

How did we ever manage before the single market came into effect in 1993?

How do you know that three men agreed with me, or is that just your usual arrogance thinking you know it all?  In the 70s & 80s both parties in sexual assault trials were granted anonymity, I can see no earthly reason why that law was scrapped.  When it comes to judicial matters men are second class citizens, but then that suits the feminazis.

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