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Dont think they need much land Lynne just the permits to drill under everything, at least fracking would probably bring jobs and wealth instead of loads of problem families from Exeter Newton Abbot and beyond

13 Aug 2015

@Lynne Good job your spell checker worked on that one

If anyone has no further use of their big green bin I would love to collect it from you before TDC do. Need some to store Winter firewood and keep it dry. Just PM me to arrange collection thanks in advance

Probably there gun emplacements to be used against the marauding TDC planning dept and their stupid SANGS war that they have involved the town in at the tax payers expense. SANGS is the responsibility of the government and is upto the individual developers to make provision for by allocating their own land.

We really do need to get the planning dept and Simon Thornley and his team replaced by a professional panel of indepdant experts who know how to deal with developers and land owners and have no financial or political goals. These incompetent civil servants and councillors who's wages and expenses we all pay are certainly not doing anything positive for Dawlish.

Here we go then another Conservative Party jolly. What you betting the usual attention seeking duo of Hockin and Prowse turn up. Plus the other finger licking  incompetents from TDC. Lets hope the tides in and high

At least it wont be a problem to the people wasting their hard earned money buying the new wooden shacks being built in the concrete jungle of Dawlish. Probably none will have gardens but a back yard just like the Northern Slums which were demolished in the 60s. Talk about backward thinking, surprised outside toilets dont make a come back. Maybe if the developers build thier houses with a ...

Is the seawall all on one level from the warren to town now or do we still need to carry prams etc down a flight of partially obstructed steps as before the storm damage

Can anyone explain how a business that attracts people into the Dawlish Warren conservation area (cycle hire shop) can even be considered until this SANGS provision is sorted out. It seems there is another case of TDC incompetence brewing here. I once again raise the question of what is happening to all the money being raised by TDC from the new housing in Dawlish and the highest council tax ...

Hey IDIOT see you still havent answered my questions and here's another one quess who campaigned and won the battle to get the industrial units built behind Sainsbury's. Wasent you was it IDIOT

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