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General Discussion

15 Aug 2015

@Carer and those that agree Seems you are now changing tact and moanng about what isent being offered insead of what is. Ok do some research and find out way these grorups and activties are no longe included. Let me give you a starting point here Health and Safety Regulations. Times change and things we did years ago are no longer allowed. You keep banging on about some organisational takeover ...

15 Aug 2015

Why do we have the same moaning and groaning about carnival week every year. What exactly do people want or expect with regards to relativly free entertainment in this town. A hand full of people try their best to provide the town with at least something different and a lot of others bring equipment and other things to show and do. If you dont want anyhing to take place in Dawlish then write to ...

14 Aug 2015

thanks Duckileaks anyone else having keyboard issue on here, did mention it to the webmaster yesterday

Certainly dont want my kids being responsible for my old age care, they couldnt organise a pee up in a brewery. All there good at is bickering on Facebook and playing stupid xbox games.

14 Aug 2015

cant wait for 5.30 pm John Nash Drive here we come. Not to sure about Carer's 2 abrest theory though, think those days are well and truely gone. Still got to make the effort for the good of the town. Wonder what Mrs Cs float wll be like, probably be a bin lorry for all the sh** she spouts on here Have a cracking Day everyone and just forget the weather

Dont think they need much land Lynne just the permits to drill under everything, at least fracking would probably bring jobs and wealth instead of loads of problem families from Exeter Newton Abbot and beyond

13 Aug 2015

@Lynne Good job your spell checker worked on that one

If anyone has no further use of their big green bin I would love to collect it from you before TDC do. Need some to store Winter firewood and keep it dry. Just PM me to arrange collection thanks in advance

Probably there gun emplacements to be used against the marauding TDC planning dept and their stupid SANGS war that they have involved the town in at the tax payers expense. SANGS is the responsibility of the government and is upto the individual developers to make provision for by allocating their own land.

We really do need to get the planning dept and Simon Thornley and his team replaced by a professional panel of indepdant experts who know how to deal with developers and land owners and have no financial or political goals. These incompetent civil servants and councillors who's wages and expenses we all pay are certainly not doing anything positive for Dawlish.

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