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Better watch out Teignmouth now TDC have almost completed their staged destruction of Dawlish by now purposly obstructing the main road around East cliff. The dreaded cycle path could be heading your way next. Money is no object for this backward thinking project and there will be no legal enforcement for cyclists to use them

If you fall off the sea wall, then the only person responsible is yourself or if its a child then the parents. Its clearly dangerous with the railway one side and a big drop the other. Whats wrong with people these days always looking to blame someone else. Watch where your going and what your doing, and teach your kids likewise.

TDC = Incompetence in a nutshell

where have they gone
20 Jan 2016

@Brooklyn Bridge .    go on then ill get the ball rolling. donald would make an excellent president. i feel he speaks what the majority think not only in america but here as well. once we are out of europe it would be a smart move to team up with an administration lead by trump, and when it comes down to it i think a few other current eu countries will also want to join in. any problems and he ...

20 Jan 2016

Still looking in now and again, have given up trying to save the town from local authority destruction and instead started to enjoy the alternative more pleasurable offerings available in Teignmouth

Sainsburys roundabout
22 Oct 2015

If you were taught to drive using the highway code you would know that unless clearly marked on the ground by arrows the left hand lane when approaching a roundabout is for traffic taking the first turn off, i.e Sainsbury's. One day you will find yourself up the inside of a 40 ft arctic being dragged along the footpath and realise why thats how it is.  On that roundabout in question unless you ...

15 Aug 2015

It thats true then seeing as the official carnival week ended tonight and the fair is on the lawn till Wednesday who is paying the extra four days rent. It certainly isent the Farleys nor is it the town or district council. Beleive you me the Rowland family pays its own way and that also covers the ground restoration. As for the commet about the fair taking over, again not true the actvities of ...

15 Aug 2015

@Paul Dont forget the Friday before Air show day its an entire weekend piss up

15 Aug 2015

@Carer and those that agree Seems you are now changing tact and moanng about what isent being offered insead of what is. Ok do some research and find out way these grorups and activties are no longe included. Let me give you a starting point here Health and Safety Regulations. Times change and things we did years ago are no longer allowed. You keep banging on about some organisational takeover ...

15 Aug 2015

Why do we have the same moaning and groaning about carnival week every year. What exactly do people want or expect with regards to relativly free entertainment in this town. A hand full of people try their best to provide the town with at least something different and a lot of others bring equipment and other things to show and do. If you dont want anyhing to take place in Dawlish then write to ...

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