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Nelson's Posts

Bless his cotton socks. Keep digging that hole LOL.

31 Aug 2012

LOL you're so funny. I'm also other usernames according to your paranoid mind - you mustn't leave them out of your delusions LOL. Have a nice day jambuster.

30 Aug 2012

Er, and I was commenting on his comments!!!  As one does. On a forum. On the internet. Or do I need your permission first?! Anyway, LOL, I take it you've stopped thinking that Andysport and I are one and the same??!

Without the new housing developments that you've been so vehemently against, the opportunities that you are now promoting, would not exist. Glad to see you've stopped the use of quotes around "affordable" affectation though. ;-)

Don't get me started on blue badge holders dumping their cars on double yellow lines. Especially the selfish idiots who cause chaos outside Harrisons just before the loading bay. Every one of them should be ticketed time and time again.

I never thought I'd see the day that Lynne was promoting affordable housing! Hallelujah! ;-)

Thank You & Well Done
30 Aug 2012

tut tut @Brazilnut lol. As it happens, the cartoon character's two photos were taken on a smartphone and uploaded to skydrive, rather than on a 'proper' camera.

29 Aug 2012

@FredBassett . Read my post again - I referred to "law", not "the law". Attention to detail eh?

29 Aug 2012

To be fair, it's an easy mistake to make.  Seeing as Brazilnut and I were separated at birth.

29 Aug 2012

@FredBassett i'd respectfully suggest that if you ever decide on a change of career, that you keep well, well away from law.