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Nelson's Posts

Thanks @Carer .

9 Sep 2012

What was that steam train that went through at about 11.30 then?  Very impressive it was too.

7 Sep 2012

@Paul , you clearly have no understanding of what affordable housing is about, so please shut the door behind you!!!

7 Sep 2012

Quite right @burneside . @Paul 's ignorance is quite staggering (though of course he might just be trolling)!!!

7 Sep 2012

Affordable housing doesn't equate to low quality housing!!!

Yes, that would be the Southdowns Road that used to be fields.......

4 Sep 2012

Oh yes, they're the sister organisation of that other tiny minority group - Dawlish N.I.M.B.Y.

I was thinking just the same. :-(

31 Aug 2012

How on earth is me commenting on Andysports' post (NOT your post) on an internet forum "sticking your nose in"??!!  That's what forums are for - discussion and commentary!!! I will leave it at that, as it clearly isn't sinking in with you, and will therefore return to ignoring you on here. Have a nice weekend.

31 Aug 2012

You what???!!!  You started the "pathetic remarks" when you had a pop at me further up this thread for no reason at all. I've been trying to ignore you since you threatened me previously, however if you can't accept that I'm allowed to pass comment, without you throwing a hissy fit, then you need to take a look at yourself.