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General Discussion
General Discussion
15 Jan 2018


Pics 14 01 2018
14 Jan 2018

11 Jan 2018

God you must be old if you did not have plastic when you were young..

Still should not be on here . Keep to the subject please.

30 Dec 2017

Why do you have to use that word ? Might be children on here .

16 Dec 2013

I lost my 13 yr niece to this sickness . so that is why i do not think this is a subject to joke about. End of my input to this Discussion.

16 Dec 2013

Webmaster remove this person please . Not a subject to joke about is it ? I do not call this humour .

16 Dec 2013

so what you are saying she has to harm her self or you will do it ? If so you need sorting out .

16 Dec 2013

Not funny . If you had somebody you love do this you would not joke about it .

16 Dec 2013

If she did you would not joke about or you are just a bit THICK ?